waste your life in video no. 2

Hello darkness my old friend

It is winter

and so I return. I am an esteemed conductor of youtube musicians. They flow in a crescendo from this page into your brains. Pls enjoy here or in youtube playlist form.

iced coffee all year even during squall / me writing this post

YoU’Re SupPOsed To pUsH teH BuTtoNs wIth PItuREs of FoOD ON eM?

both pizzas and men demonstrate tremendous diversity. there are virtually infinite combinations of pizza toppings, and virtually infinite ways to interact with those around you. what will you do with this information?

i started following caroline calloway on instagram (even considered ordering her book) and i think thats why im mentally ill right now. oh heres another video

c’mere …… … wa’ah

thank you friends. gl this week. like and subscribe